"Er, er, er" Bird
Also Known As: The Blooper Bird
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Allies: N / A
Enemies: Richard Michael Alvarez
Debut: Season One
Conclusion: Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie
Status: Alive (unless it was shot during hunting season)

The "er, er, er," bird is an annoying bird that calls out at random times, Rich Alvarez normally mimics this bird by scrunching up his neck and saying in his stupid voice "er, er, er," etc. This bird can ruin a perfect shot just like that.


Season OneEdit

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Season TwoEdit

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Season ThreeEdit

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Season FourEdit

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Stupid Mario Brothers: The MovieEdit

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This bird likes to annoy people while filming, is very interruptive, and of course is very loud.


Rich AlvarezEdit

While the bird has no relationship with Alvarez, he does annoy him by chirping.


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