Stupid Mario Brothers
Season N / A, Episode 1
Written by RMA Productions
Directed by Chris Muller (possibly)
Episode Guide
N / A

"A History of Nox Decious" is an unmade video project, focusing on Nox Decious' back story. The video's effective role has been fulfilled by the "Super Mario Brothers" prologue.


As the rest of the King Arthur series was never made available online, questions regarding Nox Decious and the Nether Saber sprang up during the airing of Season Two. Chris Muller stated that RMA Productions would create a short video explaining more of Decious' past to clear up confusion among fans. Rich Alvarez has stated that it would use footage from the two unreleased King Arthur films, featuring the character, but these scenes have been effectively re-shot for "The Super Mario Brothers."

As many elements differ between King Arthur and Stupid Mario Brothers, many things would have been reconnected to establish a consistent storyline between the two series and this is indeed the case.

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