Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie Act I - Part 513:52

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie Act I - Part 5

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Movie, Episode 5
Air date September 5, 2009
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
Episode Guide
"Act I Part 4"
"Act II Part 1"

"Act I Part 5" is the fifth part of the first act of Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie and the fifth part of the film overall.


Mario and Luigi end their day feeling like they're forgetting something.....


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Mario and Luigi are on the swing set. Luigi tells Mario that they have had a really fun day and asks him what he wants to do tomorrow. Mario says he doesn't know, but he thinks they are forgetting something very important.

Meanwhile, the Darkness is talking to Nox Decious, the former agreeing the time is now. He says that the transformation will soon begin and the way to chaos will become clear.

Production NotesEdit

Series ContinuityEdit

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Character RevelationsEdit


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