Action Explosion 4 is an interactive adventure by RMA Productions.


Agent Bud is driving around with his girlfriend when he receives a phone call from Chief. Chief tells him that it is time for him to come out of retirment as his arch-nemesis Polly has broken out of prison and gotten hold of enough C4 explosives to destroy all the New cites. Bud is unwilling to assist, but Chief tells him they need him.

Keep TalkingEdit

Bud begins to ask Chief what kind of underwear he is wearing, but Chief declares he isn't some girl Bud can manipulate and tells him to make his decision.

Don't Accept MissionEdit

Bud declines the mission to spend time with his girlfriend, much to her happiness. However, Chief angrily declares Bud a coward for his refusal.

Accept MissionEdit

Bud accepts the mission, and drops off his girlfriend to meet with Chief (much to her displeasure). Meeting up with Chief, he is given a file containing a photograph of Polly (and photos of the Mario Brothers, which Chief dismisses as his side job). Chief orders Bud to infiltrate Polly's base and stop him from destroying the New cities. He hasn't destroyed them yet because their top agent (Agent Kitty) is currently distracting him. Dark Shadows arrives on the scene, offering Bud a variety of gadgets to assist him; however, Bud only wishes fo a simple gun as that is all he will need. Dark Shadows then escorts Bud to two cars, telling him to choose one of them.

4-Door SedanEdit

Bud declares that the car sucks, noticing the garbage inside. Dark Shadows declares that Polly would never suspect him driving a POS car, but Bud refuses to drive it because he is awesome.

Station WagonEdit

Bud declares that the car sucks, but agrees to use it after hearing it is German (as German people are pretty cool). As he drives off, Chief contacts him and tells him to go to a party and seduce a woman named Fox Trott and get the codes to Polly's warehouse hideout. Unfortunately, she is Polly's girlfriend, so seducing her will be difficult. At the party, Bud finds Fox Trott and approaches her.


Bud attempts to sweet talk Fox, but she calls him ugly. He tries to convince her to tell him what he wants, saying he is rich and he can buy her things like Jell-O, but then resorts to begging her to give him the codes. Unfortunately, a bouncer appears and escorts Bud away. FAIL: Chick Magnet Fail!

Use Pick Up LineEdit

Bud tries to impress Fox with some rather poor and cheesy pick up lines, and begins to refer to her as the Mushroom Kingdom and himself as King Koopa, saying they can rule the land. Unsurprisingly, this fails and Fox tells him to go away. FAIL: No Good Bro!

Be The Shy Bad BoyEdit

Bud attempts to act like a bad boy to Fox, saying that he lost a bet thet the Dreamcast would outsell the Playstation 2, and saying he once ate oatmeal and didn't poop after. Unsurprisingly, this fails and Fox walks away. FAIL: No Wonder You're Alone!

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