Chocolate Rain Parody - Stupid Mario Brothers01:36

Chocolate Rain Parody - Stupid Mario Brothers

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season One, Episode Extra
Stupid Mario Brothers Chocolate Rain Parody I have no mustache because I just shaved
Air date April 8, 2008
Written by Rich Alvarez and Chris Muller

Parody of song by Tay Zonday

Directed by Rich Alvarez
Episode Guide
"Stupid Smash Brothers"
"Link's Letter is full of Holes!"
"Luigi! You just ruined my entire song! It was going to be great and I was going to get a lot of views and (unintelligible muttering) you son of a goomba!"
—Mario yelling at Luigi for ruining his song

The Chocolate Rain Parody is, as the name states, a parody of the song "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday.

The song was later remixed into an 8-bit version of the original. Everything else in the video remains the same.


Mario Sings his cover of Chocolate Rain


This is a parody of Tay Zonday's song "Chocolate Rain." The lyrics were created, based off how Mario would sing the song.


Mario decides to do a parody of "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday. Unfortunately, his song is interrupted by Luigi towards the end of the song. However, even after Mario loses his temper, yanks Luigi by his overalls, and screams at him for ruining his song and storming off, Luigi still cannot help but sing along and dance with joy.


Chocolate Rain
Wario is always such a pain
Chocolate Rain
And Waluigi, he is really lame
Chocolate Rain

Donkey Kong peed in the sink today
Chocolate Rain
I have no mustache because I just shaved
Chocolate Rain

Princess Peach, she just baked me a pie
Chocolate Rain
A chocolate pie, just like the chocolate rain
Chocolate Rain

That last line, it just really didn't rhyme
Chocolate Rain
I stomp on Goombas just to pass the time
Chocolate Rain

Ash Ketchum causes me a lot of grief
Chocolate Rain
Sonic sucks and so does Master Chief

Chocolate Rain
I bet this song is driving you insane

Luigi {interrupting}: Chocolate rain! Doo doo doo doo doo! Mario: Luigi! You just ruined my entire song! It was going to be great and I was going to get a lot of views and {unintelligible muttering} you son of a Goomba! Luigi: Waah! Mario storms off, very cross. Luigi: Chocolate rain, doo doo doo doo doo doo, chocolate rain!




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  • This is the first music video without Waluigi.


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