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Diet Soda is a short film, focusing on Rich Alvarez and his sister Christine debating about diet soda.


As Christine sits down on her bed to open a bottle of diet soda, Rich Alvarez suddenly covers her mouth with his hand, telling her not to drink it. When Christine asks why, Rich's answer being that it isn't healthy. Christine retorts by asking why it is called diet soda, to which Rich says it is a marketing ploy put on by evil corporations to fool the simple minded, like her. Christine ignores him and prepares to open the bottle, only for Rich to knock it out of her hand.

As Christine reaches for the bottle, Rich forbids her to do it. She protests she cannot digest all the sugar in regular soda; so Rich tells her to quit drinking soda all together and prepares to throw the bottle in the trash can. His sister protests that she paid $2 for it, to which Rich responds that she can get water for free. Christine responds that she'll waste her money the way she wants to. Rich tells her that if she is going to drink soda, regular soda is a little bit better than diet soda. Christine says that diet soda has no calories, at which point Rich struggles to think of an effective argument. Christine mocks him before letting him continue and he explains that to replace the calories in diet soda is aspartame, which has been proven again and again to cause serious side effects, which may lead to cancer. Christine doesn't care, declaring, "Bring on the cancer!" and begins to reach for the bottle again.

In slow motion, Rich and Christine reach for the bottle, with Christine being the first to grab it. However, immediately after, Rich snatches it out of her hand. Christine counters her brother's argument on aspartame by pointing out that regular soda contains high fructose corn syrup, which leads to diabetes. Rich asks her what she would rather have, diabetes at 50, or cancer at 40. Christine asks what would happen if she only lives to be 35, to which Rich replies, "Then you've been drinking way too much diet soda."

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