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Big Vinny, Police Officers

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The Interactive Adventure

Played By

Austin Stevenson

"Hey Martha, I said not to leave birds in here when we have guests."- Eddy to his wife Martha in The Interactive Adventure

Eddy is a con-artist that held Mario hostage to escape from the police in The Interactive Adventure.



Eddy is a con-artist that got caught during one of his plans.

The Interactive AdventureEdit

Mario arrives at Eddy's Apartment asking he needs a plumber. Eddy says yes and lets Mario in his house promising to pay him "850 real coins". He takes Mario to his bathroom and Mario can't stand the smell. Eddy reveals he clogged the toilet after he ate burritos. The police arrive and Eddy finds Mario and knocks him out. He puts Mario in his car and escapes the police by throwing Mario's plunger at them. Mario wakes up in his car and Eddy reveals he has taking him hostage. Mario then goes for his gun.

Mario and Eddy struggling over the gun in the car

They struggle over the gun and Mario wins. He points the gun at Eddy and demands he pays him. Eddy reveals he never had the money and only let Mario in to his apartment was because he knew the cops were coming and he needed a hostage. Mario asks Eddy about his wife Martha, and Eddy says she's in the car's trunk. Mario then states he needs the money and Eddy tells him that a guy named Big Vinny has tones of money. He also says that that Big Vinny's men are looking for him, so their won't be alot of guards around he house. He gives Mario his guns and trench coat and drops him off at Big Vinny's Place so he can steal money from Big Vinny.

Physical DescriptionEdit

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Abilities / SkillsEdit

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Big VinnyEdit

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  • It is never revealed why Big Vinny is hunting for Eddy.

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