Ken Street Fighter

Porter as Ken

Eric Porter (born in the 1980s) is an American actor in Stupid Mario Brothers. He made his debut as the Manager of Assassinate Pizza in The Interactive Adventure, but now has major roles.


Porter currently plays the roles of:


  • When Porter was first introduced as Link in Snez Pez, many people mistook him for Kent Melville.
  • He portrayed Link in Snez Pez after Melville left the cast. However, Rich Alvarez stated that he won't portray Link in the series. Porter reprised the role of Link for a video about Super Mario Bros. Wii U.
  • In "A "Brief" Meeting," Professor Oak said that if Link dies, he will eventually resurrect. He might look a little different, which this presumed that Link will return and be portrayed by Porter. In Stupid Mario World, the character returned as Linkle and was played by a girl instead.

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