Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Extra, Episode Extra
Air date August 17th, 2008
Written by N/A
Directed by N/A
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Stupid Mario Brothers FAQ 2

Overview Edit

The Cast of Stupid Mario Brothers answer your questions!

Questions Asked (See Video For Answers) Edit

Aisu: "I would like to know how you came up with the idea for this series."

ChrisMullerfan555888: "Can you guys tell us the story about how you guys came about this show?"

Aisu: "How long does it take to edit an episode without effects?"

MarioandLuigi: "Will anyone get any new powers or weapons?"

Gurgleguy12345: "Can I have a role as a character in your show?"

DarkWarrior32: "Who is the person who plays Nox Decious?"

MC Gamer: "Are you going to go ahead with Season 3, and when should we expect it?"

MC Gamer: "Can you please make another music video?"

Mc Gamer: "How often are we going to see the great/silly/stupid/whatever voice overs?"

Mc Gamer: "When exactly is the FAQ video going to be released?"

TylerBennett: "Will Ash be in anymore videos?"

TylerBennett: "What is the 6th planet from the sun?"

TylerBennett: "How do you make the lightsabers?"

Sgt.Mario: "Who played Lucas in episode 16?"

Biggest Super Mario Fan: "Will Ash do something amazing and useful for once besides acting like a moron and doing nothing?"

HardCoreMario: "Will there be any new actors like the Band Manager Masterson?"

HardCoreMario: "Do you buy your costumes on ebay or do you just buy them at a store?"

Jonathanbel: "Where is Ash now?"

WiiRevolution1: "Do you like mangos?!"

PurplePotatoChip: "What inspired you to say your popular blooper quotes such as 'Twenty Dollars!' and 'I roll with gangs!'?"

Amphungus: "What are the jobs/hobbies that the cast endure/enjoy outside of filming?"

Amphungus: "Did someone actually fall asleep on your lawn, Rich???"

Amphungus: "Who's property is Stupid Mario filmed on?"

AdminAdam: "Were there any jokes that were dropped due to actors not showing up?"

AdminAdam: "How fantastic is Frankenberry Cereal?"

Sapphiress: "How many of your friends love Stupid Mario?"

Hiimjenki2: "Did you actually know the actors before you asked them?"

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Trivia Edit

  • If you look to Rich's left, you'll see Dane in the reflection. He takes out a sword at one point.

Goofs Edit

  • Julian doesn't play Masterson. He played the printer store clerk, and currently plays Snake and Gary.
  • In one question, the quote "Twenty Dollars" is brought up. But is shown as "$20 dollars", which is gramatically incorrect, because you'd be saying "Twenty Dollars Dollars."
  • User Amphungus's name was accidently typed incorrectly during the FAQ video, which caused some mispronouncation in the video as well.
  • Quseution 1&2 are the same thing

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