Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date February 7, 2013
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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"Gamer Love Show Ft. Lara Croft" is the 4th episode of That Stupid Video Game Show.


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Mario introduces the show Find Love and himself, who is the host. Then he introduces Lara Croft as today's video game contender who he then blindfolds before calling out the three blind dates, who are Luigi, Wario, and Brock. Lara starts asking Bachelor #1 (who is Brock) what will be the first place they will go to if they were in Paris, to which he replies at the Pokemon Center. However, she tells Brock there is no Pokemon Center there, but Brock doesn't want to go anywhere without the Pokemon Center.

Then Lara moves on to Bachelor #2 (who is Wario) asking where will he take her on a date. He answers it would be an evil restaurant, which makes Lara confused. Wario says that the waiter spills water on the customers, to which Lara replies is ghastly. This leads to Brock to think they are talking about Pokemon, to which Lara tells him they aren't. Brock claims to have caught Ghastly with his eyes closed, which is reminded to him by Wario that his eyes are always closed.

Then Lara moves on to Bachelor #3 (Luigi) and she asks what he would buy her if it was their anniversary, to which Luigi replies a big pile of pasta, but Lara states that she hates pasta. This leaves Luigi confused as pasta makes him happy. Laura then takes her blindfold off and says she has had enough. Mario asks who she is going to pick and with the contestants excited she says she does not want any of them which makes the contestants shocked. Lara then spots DK walking by and says she wants him causing her and DK to walk off. Mario then apologizes to the contestants and closes the show for next time.




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  • Mario mentions Luigi's name when the blindfolded Lara shouldn't know the identity of the person they are talking to.

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