Ep11 (1)

Go-Karts are vehicles that played an important role in "Stupid Mario Kart." Two go-karts made their appearances in this episode, one belonging to Mario and Luigi and another belonging to Wario and Waluigi. They raced each other to the mailbox using the karts. Luigi and Waluigi fell off of the Karts before the race was over. The only thing said in the video other than strange snickers was when Wario crashed his go-kart into the mailbox and hurt his back.

Mario and Luigi's KartEdit

SMB MLkart

Mario first used this kart to stroll along aimlessly with Luigi in "Why catch them All?" before Ash threw a pokeball at them.

In "Stupid Mario Kart," they were riding it while being chased by "killer" dogs, laughing all the way. However, when Wario and Waluigi's kart pulled up in the middle of one of their strolls, Mario knew he was going to use it to race.

Wario and Waluigi's KartEdit

SMB WWkart

It is clear that Wario and Waluigi bought the kart just so that they could annoy Mario and Luigi because, after failing to win the race, the go-kart was never seen again.

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