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Mother's Day Crisis 01
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Hermione: "But Harry, your mom's dead!"
Harry: "I don't want to hear it! You're wrong!"
— Harry and Hermione

Harry Potter and the Mother's Day Crisis is the first of RMA Productions' Harry Potter spoofs. This spoof focuses on Harry's desire to give his dead mother a present for Mother's Day.


Harry Potter has gone crazy and believes that his mother is still alive and wants to get her a Mother's Day gift.


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After a nap, the scar on Harry's forehead causes him pain again. Hermione enters the room and asks what is wrong, already guessing it had something to do with Harry's scar. Harry explains that it is something far more important than Voldemort: He can't think of a good Mother's Day gift. Hermione is shocked at how a Mother's Day gift would be more important than the Dark Lord, also pointing how Harry's mother is dead. However, Harry disagrees with the former statement, believing his mother is still alive. Puzzled, Hermione hesitantly agrees with him.

Harry asks Hermione if she has any ideas for the gift. She explains that she bought her mother an encyclopedia of magical creatures in magical chronological order. Harry is unimpressed and asks again, so Hermione suggests showing his mother his skills at catching a Snitch. However, Harry isn't very fond of the idea. Distraught, Hermione asks if he can come up with anything better.

As Harry begins to explain an idea, his scar begins acting up again. Becoming increasingly annoyed, Hermione asks why Ron isn't helping him with his dilemma. Harry explains that Ron was sent to Azkaban after he massacred half the goblins in Gringotts with an M16 in an attempt to steal enough gold to buy his mother something. Harry claims she appreciated the thought, however. Hermione finally leaves, calling Harry a looney. Noticing she left her book behind, Harry hands it to his "mother" before quite literally laughing himself to death.

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