Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Enemies: Mario
Debut: Operation: Blind Storm
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Christopher Anthony Muller

The landlord is Mario and Luigi's landlord.

He first makes his appearance heard in Operation: Blind Storm, giving Mario and Luigi 90 days to pack up their stuff as he is evicting them.


Operation: Blind StormEdit

The landlord only appears being heard.

He sends Mario and Luigi an eviction letter since their mortgage is far too late and that they have been paying in gold coins, which aren't currency.

The Interactive AdventureEdit

It is presumed that the landlord won't bother Mario and Luigi anymore since they had managed to pay the rent, with help from Wario and Solid Snake.

That Stupid Video Game ShowEdit

The landlord turns out to really be Joe. He is then killed by Mario and Luigi.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Coming soon!


Coming soon!



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Coming soon!


  • MC was chosen because Dane Cook suggested they use him as he was impressed with how angry MC could sound.

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