This is a list of actors and actresses with limited roles in Stupid Mario Brothers and other RMA Productions projects.

Tim RunyanEdit

Roles: Donkey Kong (Seasons One-Two)

Jennifer ColeEdit

Roles: Peach

Torye Salyer (nee Benton)Edit

Roles: Walgina, teenager in The Interactive Halloween

Scott OtterEdit

Roles: Scott Masterson

Ed Gyles, Jr.Edit

Roles: Rubeus Hagrid

Andrea BensussenEdit

Roles: Officer Jenny

Shannon KielyEdit

Roles: Dr. Naomi Hunter

Kyle BarbeeEdit

Roles: Big Vinny, Assassinate Pizza customer in The Interactive Adventure

Brad OliverEdit

Roles: Rapper in The Interactive Adventure

Olvia Miller Edit

Roles: Crazy Fan (Stupid Mario Brothers), Lara Croft (That Stupid Video Game Show)

Crystal Ong Edit

Roles: Yoshi (That Stupid Video Game Show & Stupid Mario World)

Angeline Khoo Edit

Roles: Princess Zelda

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