Mario's Beam Sword
Mario's Beam Sword 02



First Appearance

Stupid Smash Brothers

Wario's Beam Sword
Wario's Beam Sword 02


Wario, Mario

First Appearance

Stupid Smash Brothers

Mario has possessed two Beam Swords over the course of the series. A blue-colored one which he used to battle Wario in Stupid Mario Brothers and Nox Decious in The Most Epic Battle EVER and a red-colored one he stole from Wario during the events told in Remembrance.



Although it's exact origins are unknown, it can be assumed Mario's first Beam Sword was created sometime before the events of the series, as its construction is never seen or foreshadowed during Season One. A similar explanation can be given to Wario's, or Mario second.

Battle with WarioEdit

At the end of the season, Mario drew his Beam Sword and dueled with Wario, eventually having it knocked out of his hands and loosing the fight, though Wario was still defeated moments after. ("Stupid Smash Brothers")

Encounter with Decious and destructionEdit

Mario is not seen recovering it at the beginning of Season Two, but it's likely he picked it up on his way to the Orchard to fight Nox Decious as backup in case the Nether Saber failed, which it did. Decious took Mario by surprise and knock the Nether Emblems out of Mario's hands, who resorted to using his own Beam Sword, even if it would only be able to weaken Decious. After a brief skirmish, Mario struck Decious' false Black Widow Blade at the hilt, destroying it, but Decious retaliated, destroying Mario's own with some form of dark telekinesis. After a short fight using hand-to-hand techniques and Fireballs, Decious finally attempted to strangle Mario to death with telekinesis, but was killed by Wario, who had assembled the Nether Saber, so that he could kill Mario himself. ("The Most Epic Battle EVER")

Possession and Wario's SaberEdit

It was at this point the Darkness residing in Nox Decious took control of a new host, Mario. Filled with rage, he attempted to kill Wario with his own saber, pulling it from him with telekinesis. The hero and the villain battled until the Darkness left Mario, who reverted to his normal self. Wario aimed to kill Mario, but the Nether Saber was shut of by Merlin, giving Mario the chance to escape, unknowingly taking Wario's Beam Sword with him. Mario has used it in battle ever since. ("Remembrance") ("This time, It's Personal!")


  • Mario and Wario's original sabers were supposed to parody/mimic the usual colors of the Jedi and Sith lightsabers from the Star Wars universe, but this was soon abandoned and by Season Three, every hero had a Beam Sword that matched the colors of their costumes.

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