Episode 75Edit

I think Mario will pull out the Master Sword, return to the real world, and confront Ganondorf. The two will battle, but someone will have to step in and help Mario out. However, I have a feeling Mario will kill Ganondorf.
Apparatjik 04:57, May 16, 2012 (UTC)


I agree, and i think, because Ganondorf is merging the Real World with the Dark Realm, Link will come back to help Mario. I also think Wario will help Darkness defeat Nox Decious and Luigi will have to fight Bowser and Kamek. As for the ninja war, i think Captain Morgan will end up saving the day.


I think that Luigi will fight Bowser, The Darkness will fight Nox Decious and Zubashi and Master Gangles wait for Captain Morgan, who wakes up and defeats both Zubashi and Gangles. In Hyrule, Mario could be meditating and Link says hello to Mario, surprising him. Link explains everything to Mario and pulls out the Master Sword and returns to the Real World to battle Ganondorf, and kills him during the final battle. That is my prediction of the final episode.

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