Gender: Male
Series: King Arthur
Home World: Real World
Allies: Morgana
Enemies: Arthur
The Lady of the Lake
Debut: The Revenge of Morgana
Conclusion: The Return to Mount Dune Tah Too Tae
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Douglas Orofino

Mordred was Arthur and Morgana's son.


Mordred was brought up by Morgana and she taught Mordred to hate Arthur. 20 years after Morganna killed Merlin Mordred Killed Morganna so he could take over completely and faced Arthur and the Knights.

Physical DescriptionEdit

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Mordred was pure evil. He killed his own mother so that he can take over as ruler.

During Arthur and Mordred's final battle, Arthur and Tristian were killed before Mordred finally being killed by Lancelot, who wielded the Holy Grail.


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  • The only thing that could kill Mordred was the Holy Grail.
  • Mordred's weapon of choice was an early pistol, which was superior to any sword that the knights wielded.
  • Morgana refused to let Arthur name Mordred because she thought that Arthur's family chose stupid names, like Arthur and Uther.

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