Mr. Snuggles
Also Known As: Snuggles
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Allies: Jim Houseman
Enemies: Solid Snake
Debut: Metal Gear Stupid
Status: Alive
Mr. Snuggles is Jim Houseman's teddy bear.



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Season ThreeEdit

Mr. Snuggles is kidnapped by Solid Snake, who tells Jim that as long as he follows his every command, he won't hurt Snuggles.

After Snake forces him to carry out his orders, Jim agrees and tells him he wants Snuggles on his bed that evening.

Physical DescriptionEdit

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Abilities / SkillsEdit

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Jim HousemanEdit

Snuggles is extremely close to his owner and loves him deeply.

Solid SnakeEdit

Along with Otacon, Snuggles is arch-enemies with Snake.


Along with Snake, Snuggles is enemies with Otacon.


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