New York City
Located: In the state of New York
Residents: Mario
Donkey Kong
Scott Masterson
First Appearance: 32 bit stealth training

New York City is a major city in the Real World and was mentioned a few times in the course of Stupid Mario Brothers. It is located in the state of New York.



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Season FiveEdit

Ganon sends Scott Masterson to take over the stock market in New York.

Later, Scott is knocked out by Donkey Kong and then devoured by cannibals. ("32 bit stealth training") ("The Business Man and The Ape")


Mario and Luigi plan to go to New York City's Time Square for new years. However, this plan fails through when Mario realizes he forgot to buy the plane tickets. ("New Years")


  • Venom lived in New York City. Although this isn't mentioned in the series, it is made clear in the comics.NOT a stub

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