RMA Fruit Stand
First Appearance: A Monkey for your Thoughts?

The RMA Fruit Stand is a fruit stand. Mario and Luigi went there to purchase some bananas in "A Monkey for your Thoughts?", only for Donkey Kong to think that they stole his bananas.



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Season OneEdit

In "A Monkey for your Thoughts?", Mario and Luigi have purchased bananas from the RMA Fruit Stand and are eating them by the mailbox. Soon, Donkey Kong arrives to pick up a letter for him, which is from Diddy Kong. He tells Donkey that two plumbers have stolen his bananas and he immediately assumes it was Mario and Luigi. However, they deny it, with Luigi fearfully telling Donkey Kong he and Mario didn't steal them and really got some from the fruit stand.
Stupid Mario Brothers Donkey Kong Chasing Mario and Luigi

Donkey Kong chasing Mario and Luigi

However, Donkey Kong doesn't believe them and releases his "DK wrath" on them, chasing them all over the place.

In the end, it is revealed that Wario and Waluigi are actually the ones who stole Donkey Kong's bananas and not Mario and Luigi. So the gorilla apologizes to Mario and Luigi for chasing them earlier since he was completely wrong, but they are unwilling to forgive him and Mario orders him to get out of his face and Luigi agrees, disappointing Donkey Kong as he then hangs his head in sadness.

Later, Donkey Kong finds Wario and Waluigi laughing about how they thought they got away with stealing his bananas and prepares to chase them, scaring them and making them both scream in terror.


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