RMA Games Headquarters is where Bob, Joe, Terence and Phillip work on video game ideas, located in Bob and Joe's House.


Season OneEdit

Mario Brothers' Video Game AttemptEdit

The headquarters is first seen in Real Jobs Suck. Mario and Luigi visit RMA where they see four men at a table in an attempt for a new job. They present the idea of a video game based on their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom . Bob rants about how lame the idea was and ends up scaring them out and killing Terence. At the end of the episode, Ash Ketchum calls them and presents his idea of a video game about HIS adventure catching Pokemon, and Bob thinks it's a great idea.

The MovieEdit

Another AttemptEdit

The Mario Brothers re-visit RMA in Act 1 Part 3 in another attempt for a video game about their short experience in jail. Bob, once again, rants and scares Mario and Luigi off, as well as killing everyone at RMA including himself.


  • In the bloopers, Bob is leaning on Philip's dead body and states that RMA Games is not responsible for any flying ties that may kill your children. Philip raises his head and concurs.

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