Mario and Wario prepare to fight

"SUPER SMASH BROS IN REAL LIFE" is a skit, created by Rich Alvarez.


Mario and Wario are standing on the battlefield, ready for action. Both of their damage levels go up to 110% which makes them decide to end things quickly. Wario then throws a kick towards Mario; but he instead grabs it and turns it around, which makes Wario fall on the ground.

His damage level goes up to 118%. Mario attacks Wario vertically with his foot. Wario dodges it and gets up as Mario throws a horizontal kick to Wario, which hits him and causes his damage level to increase to 136%. Wario falls on the ground with Mario walking towards him. Wario tries to hit his feet with a kick but Mario avoids it by jumping. He then hits Wario with a punch to the face causing his damage level goes up to 149%. Mario then picks him up and throws him in another direction further increasing his damage level to 158%.

Wario runs towards Mario and lands a left and a right punch, a punch to the stomach and a punch performed with two hands to him. All of the attacks hit Mario and his damage level increases to 172%. Mario then turns toward Wario with an angry face, who hits him with a kick. Mario falls on the ground with a damage level of 182%. Wario then hits Mario with a punch to the ground but Mario avoids it by rolling into another direction. Mario gets up and has a small conversation with Wario, who tells him that he brought a beam sword to finish him up. But it seems that Mario has one with him too. Wario runs towards Mario, who tries to hit his feet but Wario avoids it with a jump.

Mario and Wario's beam swords collide and as their beam swords are clashing, Mario hits Wario on the face with a kick. Wario then hits Mario's leg with a kick while being on the ground, he then goes towards Mario and attacks him, but before he can, Mario kicks him.

After all of that, Wario's damage level goes up to 189% with Mario's damage level as 194%. Mario manages to defeat Wario, who starts laughing. Mario asks him what is so funny, and Wario explains that new challengers are approaching. The new challengers, Donkey Kong, Link and Yoshi prepare to fight as Mario eats a tomato that allows his damage level to decrease to 144%. The video ends with Mario remarking that he is finished, realizing that he'll most likely lose the battle.



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