Located: Real World
Residents: Mario
Ash Ketchum
Johnny Cyclops
First Appearance: It came from Ash's Toilet

The Safeway is a grocery store that has a secret passage way to Bowser's hideout.


Season OneEdit


Mario, Luigi, and Ash dancing at the Safeway

The Safeway is at first mentioned in "A Tale of Two Brothers" when the announcer asked if the Safeway manager would ever let the RMA Studios film in the store. Mario, Luigi, and Ash are seen dancing at the Safeway as they dance over to Ash's house.

Season TwoEdit


Johnny Cyclops activating the teleportation spell

On their quest for the Hilt, Johnny Cyclops takes Link and Ness to the Safeway, revealing that it isn't a normal grocery store. The grocery store clerks take sword and shield and Ness' bat. Johnny has them complete several tasks. Once they complete the tasks, Johnny takes them to stacks of milk where he activates a teleportation spell that takes them to Bowser's hideout.


  • In Is it "Kung Pow" or Stupid Mario?", there is notably a lack of background noise from the episode's dubbing while in the Safeway. This is largely because dialogue was highly muffled while filming those scenes.

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