Season One Title Screen 01

The standard Season One title card.

Throughout Season One, variants of the title card have cropped up. This list will cover them. Episodes 14 and 15 lack these title cards. A throwback to this gag was featured at the beginning of the third episode of Season Three.

Appearances and variantsEdit

Tired of the Mushroom KingdomEdit

  • Mario: It's time-a to get-a the mail, Luigi!
  • Luigi: I hope we don't get-a the same old crap we get everyday.
  • Mario: Yeah, that would-a suck!

One Ring that is better than a CompassEdit

Episode Three 01

"LOSERS!!!!!" Title Card.

The usual intro is rudely interrupted by Wario.

  • Mario and Luigi: Stupid Mario!
  • Wario: Losers!
  • Mario: Um, Episode Three?

Wario's New Partner likes PurpleEdit

Episode Four 01

The purple text in "Four" signifies Waluigi's appearance.

  • Mario and Luigi: Stupid Mario Brothers!
  • Mario: Episode Four.

Make Fireballs, Not Love!Edit

  • Mario: Episode Five, uh, I think.

Why catch them All?Edit

Episode Six 01

The color palette of "Six" resembles that of a Pokéball.

  • Mario: Episode Six.

A Monkey for your Thoughts?Edit

The color palette of "Ten" resembles that of Donkey Kong's.

Episode Ten 01
  • Mario: Episode Ten.

Stupid Wario Brothers and No SnacksEdit

Episode Twelve 01

"Wario Brothers" Title Card.

The usual intro is once again interrupted by Wario.

  • Mario and Luigi: Stupid!
  • Wario: Wario Brothers!
  • Mario: Um, Episode Twelve?

Metal Gear StupidEdit

Episode Thirty-Three Title Card 01

The title card, along with a plethora of other gags from Season One were brought back for this episode.

  • Mario and Luigi: Stupid Mario Brothers.
  • Stupid Voice: Episode Thirty-Three.
  • Luigi: Hey Mario, isn't that the Season One opening?
  • Mario: Yeah, and this rate, the next thing you know we'll be going to the mailbox again!

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