Poker Player 1
Sophisticated Poker Player
Also Known As: Girly Mouth
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Enemies: "Old Shoe"
Debut: You Can't Read My Poker Face!
Conclusion: You Can't Read My Poker Face!
Status: Deceased
Portrayer: Eric Porter
"Be a good sport, my friend. We all lost and he won."
—The sophisticated poker player to "Old Shoe"

The Sophisticated Poker Player was one of three poker players in the poker tournament Wario and Luigi were playing against. He had never lost until facing Wario. Despite being shocked at his first defeat, he accepts that Wario won fair and square. After "Old Shoe" accuses Wario of cheating and pulls out a gun, the sophisticated poker player puts a gun to "Old Shoe"'s head in an attempt to stop the nonsense. The cowboy and Sir Drake Saint Jupiter III run away, followed by Wario and Luigi. The two shoot each other down.



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Season FourEdit

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Physical DescriptionEdit

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Sophisticated Poker Player Seems to be a good sport and be somewhat calm until he pulled out a gun and killed "Old Shoe" along with himself being killed.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Sophisticated Poker Player probably has no skills other then wielding a gun.



The Sophisticated Poker Player has no good nor bad feeling about Luigi other than perhaps feeling proud of him when he and Wario won.


The Sophisticated Poker Player has no good nor bad felling about Wario other than perhaps feeling proud of him when he and Luigi won.

"Old Shoe"Edit

The Sophisticated Poker Player seems to want to stop "Old Shoe" from freaking out over his loss.


  • Old Shoe and Sophisticated Poker Player both are characters who only appear in one episode.

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