Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 1, Episode 1
Stupid Pokemon Friends Opening
Air date July 25, 2012
Written by Austin Stevenson
Directed by Austin Stevenson
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"Spin Off, Shin Off" is the first and only episode of Stupid Pokémon Friends.


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Brock is exploring the Safari Zone for Pokémon. After he is caught accidentally trespassing into the area by Officer Jenny, she immediately calls Professor Oak and tells him to come over. Upon arriving, Oak scolds at Brock for a bit while Brock hits on Officer Jenny who turns him down. Oak decides takes him to a restaurant after Brock says he is hungry and reveals after the professor's suggestion of eating Pokémon food that he already ate it all.

The duo eat at a Japanese restaurant, where Brock finishes his food fast. Oak asks him why he is here and Brock explains that his old show ended. Later, the duo go shopping for toilet paper after Brock announces he needs to use the bathroom.

After buying the paper, Oak tells Brock that since he bought toilet paper for him and is staying at his apartment, he should help him get girls. Brock agrees to help Oak, much to his annoyance.

As they leave the store with toilet paper, they come across a hot bicycle girl who is the new Pokémon trainer in town. Brock tells Oak he should go after her. The professor says he doesn't know what to do, so to help him out Brock sings a song. However, the song doesn't work for Oak, so Brock suggests he should just go talk to her, making him freak out.





  • The Safari Zone
  • The Japanese Restaurant
  • The Supermarket


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