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Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie
The Movie Poster 01 Theatrical release poster
Genre Comedy / Drama / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Family
Created by Rich Alvarez
Chris Muller
Starring Rich Alvarez
Chris Muller
Matt Provencal
Doug Orofino
Christian Arista
Julian Petruzzelli
Austin Stevenson
Tim Muller
Kevin Chamberlain
Erin Henderson
Daen Olson
Eric Porter
Country of Origin United States
Running time 2½ hours
Broadcast YouTube
Release Date August 27, 2009
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Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie, shortened as Stupid Mario Bros.: The Movie or simply abbreviated as SMB: The Movie, is an American live-action comedy action-adventure film, based on Stupid Mario Brothers, directed by Rich Alvarez and Chris Muller, produced by Alvarez and Muller, and written by Alvarez and Muller. The film was released on August 27, 2009.

The film preceded Season Three and was followed by Operation: Blind Storm.


On December 8, 2008, Rich Alvarez confirmed that Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie would be in development after Season Three was completed. After the season ended, a script for the film was written.

Due to the running time of the film being approximately 2½ hours, it was split into acts in case it would take several months for it to be released in its entirety. "Act I" is much more akin to Season One, primarily focusing on comedic aspects while "Act II" is more drama and plot-oriented, like the two previous installments. "Act I" was released in 5 parts and "Act II" was released in 7 (originally 6) parts. For those who donated to the film, they had their name appear in the end credits.

Originally, Alvarez had intended for Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie to be the series finale of the series as many crucial cast members moved away. However, when several of them returned to town, he decided to continue the series and continued with Season Four, Season Five, Operation: Blind Storm, and The Interactive Adventure.


The Movie Poster 02

Alternate film poster

"Act I"Edit

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Various episodes in Season Three have been changed from their original design to aid as foreshadowing for the film. This is a list of plot points that were originally in the film and changes that were made to set it up:

  • The voice was revealed to be the Darkness.
  • Merlin came to Mario's aid.
  • The Darkness' existence and ability to contact Nox Decious' soul.
  • Originally, "Bloody Confrontations" and the finale were very different from their current form, being entirely re-scripted and shot to directly pave the way for the film.


  • The entire first act is completely irrelevant to the storyline (other than Bowser), as is stated at the end of the act.


  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16:9)
  • Video Format: 720 HD 29.970i / 29.970p (Special Effects sequences)
  • Total Run Time: 2:33:06 (11 parts)

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