Stupid Pokémon Friends was a Stupid Mario Brothers spin-off, starring Austin Stevenson and Daen Olson, reprising their roles as Brock and Professor Oak. Whilst the series was in production, several blogs were posted bringing updates on the series' progress.

The series only has one released episode due to the cancellation of the series because of tensions between the cast and crew of SPF with RMA Productions.


The series was about the adventures of Brock and Professor Oak as Brock tried to move on after his previous show ended.


Austin Stevenson as Brock

Daen Olson as Professor Oak

Andrea Bensussen as Officer Jenny



  • Stupid Pokémon Friends was one of four series that was made after Stupid Mario Brothers that was meant to continue it; the others were That Stupid Video Game Show , The Plumber Knight Returns, and Stupid Mario World
  • Stevenson announced the series' cancellation on August 9, 2012, citing tension caused between the SPF cast (Austin's Playhouse) and Richalvarez, a decision that received backlash from fans. In a more detailed explanation, Stevenson ended the series because he feared RMA Productions would conduct a smear campaign against him unless he posts the videos on Richalvarez. Having no other choice, Stevenson was forced to end Stupid Pokémon Friends.
  • Had the series kept going, there were plans to introduce Misty and possibly other Pokemon-related characters to the show, with a possible apperance by Ash, though if Dane Cook would have reprised the role or a new actor would have taken over is unknown.
  • The second episode was scripted in full and this would have been Misty's debut episode, though if she was set to be a part of the main cast or not is unknown.

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