Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Extra, Episode Extra
Air date April 7, 2010
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by N / A
Episode Guide
"Super Mario Drive Thru KFC"
N / A


Mario Goes to Taco Bell!


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Mario is singing while driving to Taco Bell and then he has to wait in the waiting line. When all the cars have left, he drives and stops to the Drive-thru and orders his food.

Later he has to wait on another waiting line. Later an employee tells Mario that they don't serve Nintendo characters and that in the dump is where they serve them. This claim makes Mario disgusted and then the employee leaves for a moment.

Mario gets increasingly mad and later when she returns, Mario goes to pay her but his coins fall out. Later, when he finally gives her the coins, the employee tosses Mario his food into the car. Eventually, when they leave, Mario looks at the camera, disgusted at the service he just got.



  • Mario
  • Taco Bell Employee


  • Taco Bell

Production NotesEdit

Series ContinuityEdit

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Character RevelationsEdit

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  • Wario isn't mentioned in this episode, so it is unknown whether or not Matt Provencal was filming this episode.
  • The Taco Bell employee is portrayed by Rich Alvarez's sister Christine Alvarez and thus, the whole thing was staged. However, people believe that the way she treated Mario was real, which caused a lot of controversy.


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