TSVGS - GTA Tommy Vercetti's School of Mafia - That Stupid Video Game Show - Grand Theft Auto02:16

TSVGS - GTA Tommy Vercetti's School of Mafia - That Stupid Video Game Show - Grand Theft Auto

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date January 31, 2013
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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"The Gamer Lounge"
"Gamer Love Show Ft. Lara Croft"

"Tommy Vercetti's School of MAFIA" is the 3rd episode of That Stupid Video Game Show.


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Tommy Vercetti is seen grabbing a man, telling him he is going to pay. However, he realizes that the viewers are watching him and he excuses his behavior.

Tommy introduces himself as the king of Tommy Vercetti's School of MAFIA, and that if you wanted to get into "the business" you should go there. He then explains that they have classics such as: Carjacking 101, Where's my money, whaddaya mean ya spent it?, You have until sunset to give over the money, Guns, Cars, Women, and so much more.

Then a gangster introduces himself and says how he loves his job, saying that he got a degree at the school of MAFIA and that he managed to skip classes too.

Then the victim from the beginning talks about how he gets beat up for not getting money on time and how the people who used to beat him up did not graduate from the School of MAFIA but now have graduated and are still beating him up. Then a teacher from the school introduces himself and teaches how to rip people off for them ripping you off.

Vercetti, the gangster and the teacher say to come to Tommy Vercetti's School of MAFIA and explain that if they do not, they will slit our throats and that it costs $20 to apply.




  • City
  • School of MAFIA

Production NotesEdit

Series ContinuityEdit

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Character RevelationsEdit

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  • This episode makes a reference to the classic RMA Productions joke "$20!".


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