Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 29

Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 29

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 2, Episode 29
Soccerfield (2)
Air date August 1, 2008
Written by Rich Alvarez and Chris Muller
Directed by Rich Alvarez
Episode Guide
"Well excuse me PRINCESS!"
"The Most Epic Battle EVER"
Waluigi: "I was just on my way out of this place when who should I find but you two."
Luigi: "What do you want, Waluigi? Haven't you bothered us enough already? And where's Wario?"
Waluigi: "I no longer work with Wario."
— Mario and Luigi encountering Waluigi as he leaves

"Two Tall Thin Men have a Fight!" is the 14th episode of the second season of Stupid Mario Brothers and the 29th episode overall.


Mario and Luigi continue to look for The Cross, but an old foe gets in their way...


Mario and Luigi walk onto the Soccer Field where they see Waluigi. Mario notices that Waluigi has the Cross and takes it from him. He leaves the two to fight Nox Decious. Luigi doesn't believe Waluigi when he says he no longer works for Wario, so the two fight. After the fight, Waluigi tells Luigi that he no longer cares about them and then leaves.


Mario and Luigi walk onto the Soccer Field. Mario tells Luigi he told Peach to stay with the others and Luigi agrees that she should stay safe. Then Mario begins to ponder the mystery of the Cross.

Ep29 (2)

Waluigi running into Mario and Luigi

Once they walk onto the field Luigi points out Waluigi who is walking towards them. He says he was just on his way out and isn't surprised to see them. Luigi asks where Wario is but Waluigi tells him that they are no longer partners. Mario asks him why, but then notices the Cross hanging out of his pocket.

Waluigi asks Mario what he wants from him and Mario says, "This." and takes the Cross. Waluigi gets mad and Mario asks him where he found it. He refuses to tell Mario, and Mario asks him if he got if from the campfire. Shocked, Waluigi asks him how he knew and Mario holds up the Cross's case.

Because he is unaware of the Nether Emblems, Waluigi asks Mario why it's important to him. Mario tells him not to worry and leaves to battle Nox Decious. Waluigi angrily tells Luigi that the Cross was going to be a gift for his girlfriend and then begins to walk away. Luigi believes he's going back to Wario but Waluigi reminds him that he and Wario are no longer friends. Luigi tells him to prove it by fighting him alone.

Ep29 (3)

Luigi and Waluigi battling

Waluigi ignites his beam sword and Luigi does the same. The two begin to swing at each other and the other blocks every slash. Luigi goes for Waluigi's feet, but he jumps over his saber. The two clash and Luigi jumps back. Then they both take a deep breath before continuing.

They swing at each other some more then Luigi fires a fireball that Waluigi deflects, and vice versa. Waluigi slashes at Luigi's feet, but he jumps over him and Waluigi drops his saber and falls to the ground. Luigi points his saber at Waluigi but he kicks it out of his hand. Waluigi rolls back to his feet and uses the force to pick up his Beam Sword. Luigi then dives on the ground and grabs his Beam Sword. They clash several more times before they point their sabers next to the other's neck, signifying a draw.

Ep29 (4)

Waluigi's last words to Mario and Luigi

Waluigi tells him he has proved his point. He no longer cares about Mario and Luigi and he doesn't work with Wario anymore. Waluigi then lowers his saber and walks away, doubting that he'll ever see Luigi again.





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