USPS' House
Located: Real World
Residents: USPS
First Appearance: Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie

USPS's house is the residence of USPS. It is almost always seen in the series.



USPS's house is where USPS lives.

The house is only seen in Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie.

Stupid Mario Brothers: The MovieEdit

USPS appears on a television screen in front of UPS and FedEx from inside his house where he brags about how he can do so much more than their corporations. Using his teleportation device, USPS takes the package from UPS and has sent to him within his home so that he will deliver the package. UPS and FedEx resolve to defeat USPS together and arrive at his house soon after. USPS brags about how they won't break into his house because, it is protected in many ways. Once he realizes that UPS and FedEx are standing right behind him, USPS asks how they got in his room UPS says he left his door unlocked. While USPS says they'll never take the package from him, UPS reveals they already took it from him while he wasn't looking. USPS realizes he can just teleport the package back to him, but UPS claims he did some rewiring on his way in and USPS' power shuts off. USPS tells the duo that they suck. They then leave his house, telling USPS to never bother them again.


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