Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 36 (Deleted Scene)04:13

Stupid Mario Brothers - Episode 36 (Deleted Scene)

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season 3, Episode 36.5
Ash and Wario 01
Air date June 22, 2009
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
Episode Guide
"Guess who's not invited...again"
"Old Friends, New Enemies"

"Unpersuasive Persuasion" is a collection of deleted scenes from Season Three that were taken out due to conflicts with the story and plot (plus, tone) of Season Three.


Wario tries to recruit members to help him take over the world.


Wario decides he needs some minions to take over the world. He first bribes Otacon with all the anime in the world. But Otacon says he can hack all the anime he wants off the internet. Wario, furious, yells at him saying he could give him power and show him great things. But Otacon gets scared and runs away.

Wario then decides to get Ash on his side. He tells Ash he could help him catch all the Pokemon in the world. But Ash says that's impossible because new ones are always being added. Ash then leaves to go help Brock referee a tennis match.

Wario then makes a speech to some mysterious animals, telling them he can help them rise above man-kind if they help him. But it turns out he was talking to two dogs, who just sit there. Wario decides he doesn't need minions, and he'll rule the world by himself.




Production NotesEdit


  • This episode was originally titled "Episode 36 and a half," but the title has been changed. Its alternative title is "The Deleted Scenes."
  • Another reason why these scenes were deleted was because it didn't make Wario look very intimidating, considering that he was the main antagonist of Season Three. However, Wario is goofy again in "Act I" of the film.
  • Wario's monologue at the beginning of the deleted episode was included in "Old Friends, New Enemies."

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