Beam SwordsEdit

A beam sword is not only used in Super Smash Bros., it is a weapon in Stupid Mario Bros. Like a lightsaber, it is capable of cutting through just about anything, and comes in many different colors. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, The Darkness and Nox Decious, all have beam swords, each with a different color. However some beam swords, like the Nether Saber and the Black Widow Blade, have a different color core, which reflects the users personality. Nox Decious was as evil as anyone could get, so the core of the Black Widow Blade was red (it glows red but the core is black), no matter who held it.


An umbrella is what Peach uses as a weapon. It appears as an ordinary umbrella, but can deflect projectile attacks, namely Fireballs, and can be used to knock people unconscious such as Wario in Episode 15.

Ness' batEdit

Ness' bat is his main weapon of choice. It is really just a normal baseball bat. He used it in Act II Part 2 when attacking Shadow Mario but the attack is blocked by him and Ness loses.


Pokeballs are Ash and Brock's choice of weapon but is not quite effective as they only throw it at people and a Pokemon never comes out.


Although, this really belongs in the Pokeballs Section, Pikachu is Ash's main Pokemon. He only appears in Act I Part 2 when Mario and Luigi are about to fight Bowser when Ash and Brock think Bowser is a Pokemon. He uses Pikachu to attack him but Bowser defeats him. He is either knocked out, dead, or alive.


It can be used by Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Darkness, Nox Decious, and Zubashi. Opponents usually dodge Fireballs but they have a big chance of getting hit since they cannot dodge it. Capes and Swords can deflect the Fireball. It cannot be absorbed by opponent's hands. The only people that can absorb it is Merlin, Nox Decious, Darkness, and Ganondorf. Wario could absorb it but he only could when he had the ability to use the Nether Saber. Nox Decious's Energy Ball is most likely based on a Fireball.

The Master SwordEdit

The Master Sword belongs to Link and Mario. It is Ganondorf's weakest weapon and opponent. If Mario did not have Merlin, Darkness, and Link's Power, he might not be able to defeat Ganondorf alone. Although Ganondorf can hold the blade with his pawns, he cannot touch the blade anywhere else. Ganondorf mostly uses a sword to match The Master Sword but he is mostly defeated. With the Combined Powers of Mario, he was finally killed once and for all.

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